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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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Share the Road Pilot Project

In an effort to create a more diversified transportation system the City of Bismarck has engaged in a Share the Road pilot project.
Locations were identified on select corridors in the community to implement a variety of on-street bicycle facilities including: bicycle lanes; share the road signage; and share the road pavement markings or “sharrows”.
It is anticipated that the project will complement the extensive multi-use trail system in the community by linking existing multi-use trails to employment, retail, and recreation centers with on-street bicycle facilities. 

For many, bicycling is a healthy, clean, economical, and fun transportation alternative. Bicycling enhances your physical health, mental outlook and overall quality of life.  Share the road safely and enjoy the ride!

Conventional Bike Lanes

Bike Route Map

Parks and Trails Map

Bicycle Safety

Motorist Safety

Bicycle Ordinance 5873 12-12-02

Bicycle Safety for Adults video
League of American Bicyclists/NHTSA

ND DOT Bicycle Safety

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